Ghost Ship Halloween 2017 will once again rock 2 big nights on Friday, October 27 and Saturday, October 28, 2017 at Pier 70 San Francisco.

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2017 VOLUNTEER INFO will be be forthcoming.


The Ghostship Halloween volunteer program is the lifeblood of the event. Every year, more than 300 people earn tickets by coming together to build art. Then, on show nights, other volunteers do a half dozen other important duties. Another full crew enjoys the whole event, and then comes to help us strike the art, recycle it, and clean up.

The build begins on October 17, and we will NEED YOU!

Ghost Ship Halloween is an incredible event because it is built and staffed BY the community.

Volunteer Meet & Greet – Oct 8, 3:30pm at Pier 70 – Learn about what we’re doing. You can still volunteer if you don’t make this meeting

The following jobs can earn you a ticket:

•   PRESHOW JOBS | Oct 15-26 | 8-hr shifts |  Art Builders, Ad Hoc Production
•   SNEAK PEAK  | 
Oct 29, 12-5pm Keeping kids safe and entertained                                                                                                               available to parents, teachers & childcare pro’s only
•   RESET |
Oct 29,  3:30-8:30pm | Getting the venue ready for action
•   NIGHT OF SHOW | Oct 27 & Oct 28 | 5 hr shiftsVIP wristbanding, runners, silent disco
•   STRIKE | Oct 29-Nov 1 | 5 hr shifts | Breakdown, Cleanup, Loadout




Let us know the following:

•   NAME


Q: When do volunteers work and what do they do?   
A: We have a variety of shifts helping out throughout the event.

•   PRESHOW: Just come down to the site at Pier 70 10/17-10/27 anytime between 2pm and 11pm and follow the signs to the volunteer coordinators
•   DAY of SHOW: We will be filling the schedule on a first come first serve basis and you will find out your official post upon arrival. Please email us at and let us know when you can work
•   STRIKE: Please email us at and let us know when you can work
•   KIDS DAY: Please email us at This is open ONLY TO PARENTS, TEACHERS & CHILDCARE PROFESSIONALS. You may be vetted and some may not be accepted. Please don’t take it personally. You MAY bring your children with you and still do this job. It mostly involves leading groups of kids around the art or otherwise making sure they are safe and entertained.

Q: Should I buy a ticket in advance? Read carefully…
A: PRESHOW VOLUNTEERS: If you want to work BEFORE the show (Pre-Show Art) then you will simply get a ticket at the end of your 8 hour shift
A2: NIGHT of SHOW or STRIKE VOLUNTEERS: Must purchase a ticket. You will be reimbursed after your shift by check.